Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Procedure for Nursing Registration in Australia on PR Basis

Nursing Profession is very respectable and stable for both males and females. It is very unique occupation and now become an integral part of the healthcare system. In some countries this Profession is not in high demand but this is not same in Australia.Overseas Nurses have great opportunity to work as Registered nurse in Australia, they just need to follow this complete pathway:
Step 1:  Qualify OET
First step is to qualify OET with minimum of B score in each of the four modules (listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking).

Step 2: Application filing to AHPRA to get admission in Bridging Program
After qualifying the English language test, the candidates have to file an application to AHPRA group. AHPRA is Australian Health Practitioner Regulating Agency.  In coordination with National boards, AHPRA controls all the Health practitioner activities like Registration etc.

About the bridging program/IRON Program
IRON program is Initial Registration for Overseas Registered Nurses (IRON). It is mandatory for all overseas nurses to complete the IRON program to get registered at AHPRA. This program has duration of 9 weeks which includes:
 1.   4 weeks: Theory sessions at campus
 2.   5 weeks: Professional experience placement sessions at clinical facilities

Step 3:  Confirmation letter from AHPRA
The candidate will get a confirmation letter from AHPRA for the admission in IRON program.

Step 4: VISA formalities
The applicants would get three months visa to do the iron program/bridging program.

Step 5: Certification
After successful completion of the iron program, the candidate would get a certificate and this completes the eligibility for registration.

Step 6: PR assessment
Duration: It takes approximately 8 to 10 months for complete process. 

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Become a Part of International Health Care System and Work as Registered Health Professional

Introduction OET
Occupational English Test (OET) is an English Language test for Healthcare Professionals who wants to work or study in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Like other English language exams this test is designed to check the proficiency of the healthcare professionals in English language. It is recognized by healthcare boards and councils in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore as a proof of English proficiency.

When to give OET?

OET is conducted every month, 12 times a year in India and most of the countries.
Who can give this test?
 It covers 12 professions which include:
Ø  Dentistry
Ø  Dietetics
Ø  Medicine
Ø  Nursing
Ø  Occupational Therapy
Ø  Optometry
Ø  Pharmacy
Ø  Physiotherapy
Ø  Podiatry
Ø  Radiography
Ø  Speech Pathology
Ø  Veterinary Science

Scoring system of OET

OET has grading system, from A (highest score) to E( lowest) grade. The candidate must score minimum of B grade to qualify the test.  The result of the test is available after 16 days from the date of the test and hard copy will be sent to students within 5 business days.

Grading description according to performance

Grade A: Very high level of performance
 Grade B: High level of performance
 Grade C: Good level of performance
Grade D: Moderate level of performance
Grade E: Low level of performance

Test Modules

OET has four modules or sub test

Duration (Minutes )

Validity of the test

OET is valid for 2 years.

 For Australia
 If any student is unable to get minimum of B score in any of the four modules, he/she can give the test again and submit the combined results of both the test (considering the high score) within 6 months.

For New Zealand
If any student is unable to get minimum of B score in any of the four modules, he/she can give the test for that particular module and submit the combined result of previous test and that particular module within 12 months.

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